Tab into the power of the breath

How you would like to sleep better? To let go of the past? To be less reactive and more present? Breathwork can help you achieve that. Just by being conscious of your breath and learning to breathe correctly, you can be more present in your life.

What is breathwork?

If you breathe properly and consciously, it can alter your state of being. Breathing consciously can help you transform your life. Proper breathing is effective in reducing stress and helping maintain a sense of calm. Working with the breath can help a person to let go of emotions and traumas stuck in the body.

Breathwork is a variety of different breathing techniques that can help you achieve just that. With Breathwork you can discover the healing power of conscious controlled healing, to change one state of being. That can be consciously, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Your breath is always there to help you.

Thanks to Nash I came into contact with breathwork and it was so nice that I could get acquainted with this form of inner work through Nash’s warm and gentle support. After a very clear explanation about breathwork and what it can mean for you, Nash created a very nice atmosphere in which she put me completely at ease. With accompanying music, her voice, and light touches, she managed to support me during the session.

Wow! What a journey I got to make. The session meant a lot to me. Thank you, dear Nash!

Continuous breath

We explore breath awareness and use a technique called ‘continuous breath’. With this technique, one’s body-mind becomes consciously connected to the breath. This technique allows the breath to take over and you may experience physical, mental, visual results. Each person has a different outcome, no breath journey is the same.

To be pregnant and giving life can bring you closer to heavenly and earthly powers that work through you, and you notice the wonder of life intensely and more presently. I gladly support all women and their partners in this wonderful journey.

What can I offer you?

With a 1-to-1 session I invite you to go deeper within your body and mind. The breath is your guide, I’m here to support you in this journey. Using the breath and the music I guide you to a journey within yourself. A session may last between 60 to 75 minutes, depending on the experience and intention of the person breathing. I talk you through it holding space and guiding you through the process.

I’m here with you all the way by your side. May we all connect in the breath.

Practical information

Breathwork is for everyone who experiences stress and anxiety. It lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, it helps manage pain, depression, and PTSD. And it improves mood and self-esteem. It creates space so you can experience more freedom. Connected breathing can help one let go of emotional baggage holding them down and allows one to be more present in life and in relation to others.

Sessions take place at my home or I can come to your house if you live in the Rijnmond region. If you live further, we agree on a different location. There won’t be anyone present during your session apart from you and me. If you have pets, please let me know in advance.

A session may last between 60 to 75 minutes. The length of a session depending on the experience and intention of the person breathing. You might have an clear intention for the session. Something you want to work on. Some trauma, anxiety, old patterns.

Wear easy clothing, like trainers. Tight jeans and belts are not welcome. Think of clothing where you can move, dance, or sleep. If you have a blanket you like to use often, you are welcome to take it with you. During the session, eyemasks are not used.

With no distractions of housemates. It’s possible we’ll make some sounds. Emotions can come out.

Yes! One session is great! It is a powerful way to identify your breathing pattern and learn the technique so you may join a breathwork circle. For the people that feel they wish to go a bit deeper into the process, it’s recommended to breathe more often. I offer a special price for a 3-session package.

It’s € 130 for a 1-on-1 session, or € 85 per person for a duo session.

I offer a 3-session package for € 370, to experience the true power of breathwork (to be planned within 1 month).

I also offer a 10-session package for € 1.100, for those who wish to go deeper and work on a clear intention for an intensive period (to be planned within 6 months).

Interested in breathwork?

Click below to get in touch with Nash. Together, we can start your breathwork journey and discover how powerful breathing can be for your well-being and balance.