Welcome! I am Nash and I’m a doula, breath coach & a women health therapist in Rotterdam.

Janma in Sanskrit means birth, creation, existence, life. I chose this name to celebrate the ceremony of birth and gift of breath as awareness. To be born into this world, to breathe and to be aware. All the services I provide come together in this truth. I wish to hold space for you in any life-changing event. But also in the here and now, whenever you need.

These are my specialties

Doula Nash after the birth of a baby

Support during pregnancy and birth

A well-planned support team is one of the essential tools for you to use to have the most satisfactory pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period.

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Tap into the incredible power of breath

How you would like to sleep better? To let go of the past? To be less reactive and more present? Breathwork can help you achieve that.

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(Re)connect with your feminine body

Natural gynecology sees feminine issues and their nuances with love, that invites deep self-knowledge and connection with their bodies, which leads to autonomy, transformation and liberation.

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