Her presence in the hospital was absolutely necessary

We met Nash later in our pregnancy journey, when we found that we needed to be better prepared. Nash is very knowledgeable and helped us with theory, guided us to understand our wishes and was there whenever I had a question or needed to vent.

On the big day, her presence in the hospital was absolutely necessary. When everything was just protocol, she was the only person who had a good look at me and understood my needs. Beyond that, she helped me to be heard and from that moment, I felt empowered to stand up for myself. She was caring, attentive and had a very calming presence. We are very thankful for her guidance and support.

Doula Nash was a real addition to my preparation for the arrival of our little miracle.

When I knew that I would become a mother at a young age, I was overwhelmed by very positive emotions, but also by fear of the unknown. I was nervous because I didn’t know how to prepare myself. I felt misunderstood and alone. I knew everything, but really nothing.

A doula helps you prepare, making you feel stronger and more empowered. Doula Nash stood up for my interests, and that gave me peace of mind. Where first the focus was on baby, baby, and baby and I forgot about myself. Thanks to doula Nash, I regained my sense of control. I find this so valuable!

After our sweet little boy was born, doula Nash made sure that I wouldn’t forget this beautiful moment with two special surprises. She had recorded his 1st sounds, and she had made a beautiful birth story with photos.​

Doula Nash felt very familiar and was always fun, cheerful, and kind. But above all, she turned a difficult and exciting period into a beautiful time. Partly because of this, Nathann has had a nice quiet start. I feel blessed that she was there before and during what ultimately was the most precious moment of my life.

Thanks, Nash, for all the tips, advice, stories, and conversations. You made me feel like I didn’t really need you anymore, but I secretly really liked that you would come. Thanks to you I knew… I can do this! My body was made for this! You brought back the necessary primal in me. Thank you, Nash! ❤️

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