For pregnancy and birth

“I am here doing this” package

Only pregnancy counselling – € 625

We organize 3 meetings in preparation for birth and postpartum. I assist you in asking the right questions in preparing for birth and postpartum.

You’ll receive:

  • Informational support
  • Techniques to prepare and partner tools
  • Talking about your support needs
  • Setting up your birth and postpartum plans
  • One postnatal visit.

“I am ready to receive” package

Only birth support – € 925

You know what you want and what kind of support you need. We quickly go through your wishes and expectations and I am there during birth for emotional and physical support.

You’ll receive:

  • One prenatal videocall where we discuss your wishes and expectations.
  • 24/7 on call from week 38
  • Support throughout the birth
  • One postnatal visit.

“I am worthy of love” package

The full doula experience – € 1.295

You want the full doula experience and are willing to prepare starting from pregnancy to birth.

You’ll receive:

  • One introduction meeting
  • Two prenatal meetings – where we discuss your birth plan and create an emotional support plan and postpartum plan. (extra meetings are possible)
  • 24/7 on call starting on week 38
  • Support throughout the birth
  • Two postnatal visits – one within the first week after the birth and the other at the end of 40 days.

“I am worthy of love and great things” package

the full doula experience + prenatal course + prenatal yoga package – € 1.950

This is the “I am worthy of love” doula package plus the 1-on-1 prenatal preparation course and 4 classes of prenatal yoga (or 2 breathwork sessions)

Extra Prenatal or postpartum consultations

€ 65 / hourly rate

Other offerings within Birth

1-on-1 pregnancy course – € 350​

  • Two sessions at your own home
  • Learn about the physiological process of birth
  • Get prepared in case of the unexpected situations
  • Learn about pain relief
  • Support tools for your (birth)partner
  • Comfort measures, positions and breathing exercises

​Prenatal Massages – € 165

  • Lying on your side and back, supported by pillows
  • 120 minutes (sometimes a bit longer)
  • At your place or mine

Prenatal breathwork

Active meditation with breathwork and voice expression

  • Individual session: € 130​
  • Duo-session (with partner or anyone you would like) : € 170

Prenatal or postpartum yoga

Package for 4 lessons of 90 minutes: € 300

  • 1 lesson 60 minutes: €75
  • 1 lesson 90 minutes: €85

Postpartum Nutrition planning and preparation

Guidance based on the teachings of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Natural gynecology.

  • First consultation € 120,- 90 minutes;
  • Extra consultations € 65,- 60 minutes;
  • Postpartum food preparation: value on request

Postpartum treatments

Healing massage session at home

    • Option 1: Foot/back massage (120 minutes) – moxa, back massage, foot massage, warming tea – €165,-
    • Option 2: Abdominal/perineum treatment (120 minutes) – yoni steam bath, healing abdominal massage, castor oil wrapping, gentle headmassage, warming tea – €165,-
    • Option 3: Breast/shoulder massage (120 minutes) – healing abdominal wrap, breast tissue massage, shoulder & head massage, optional homeopathy – €165,-
    • Option 4: Restorative moxa treatment, abdominal massage, castor oil wrapping, foot massage, and bengkung belly binding – €165,-

These individual treatments can be mixed and matched – €460,- for 3 sessions.

    • Yoni steam (only in combination with other treatments) – €50,-
    • Celebrate the fourth trimester ceremony – to honor and celebrate your postpartum – herbal foot bath, complete body massage of 1,5 – 2 hours and closure ceremony – 3hrs – €320,-

Currently, I am undergoing training with Postpartum Massage Nederland to deepen my postpartum knowledge and care. After summer 2024 (September), I will further expand my treatments to include even more comprehensive packages for you and your recovery!

Closing of the Bones ceremonie

A ritual to honor your body after this pregnancy and childbirth. It includes a healing massage, cloth massage, and wrapping.

      • With 2 doulas – choice of herbal bath, foot bath, or yoni steam + full body massage + closing of the bones with rebozo. – € 400 – 4 hours
      • With a circle of women, family, or people who love you – € 320 – 3 hours

Suitable for all stages of life

Other offerings outside Birth

Holistic womb health consultations

Also known as Natural gynecology

  • Initial consultation: € 90,- around 90 min;
  • follow-up consultations € 65,- around 60 min (online on in-person);
  • Herbs, tinctures and other mixtures: value on request.

More about Holistic womb therapy


These sessions are different than the prenatal breathwork, we work with the continuous breath. The sessions last around 1 – 1,5 hours.

  • individual session: € 130
  • duo sessions: € 85 per person;
  • group circles: between € 45 – € 130, depending on the location and event.

​​I also offer packages of 3 or 10 sessions, for those willing to go deeper or really wish to work on a specific intention.

More about Breath

​Cloths massage

Based on the ancient Mexican art of Rebozo

€ 90 – for 45 min