I am doula Nash

A doula means literally ‘a woman that is present’. Present during the last weeks before the baby comes, during the whole birth and sometimes even the postnatal period. The support that a doula gives depends on the mother or couple she is working with.

On the big day, her presence in the hospital was absolutely necessary. When everything was just protocol, she was the only person who had a good look at me and understood my needs. Beyond that, she helped me to be heard and from that moment, I felt empowered to stand up for myself. She was caring, attentive and had a very calming presence. We are very thankful for her guidance and support.

My mission in life

My mission in this life is to unburden, protect, with enthusiasm guide other women in getting closer to their womanhood, in trust, softness and with self-love. I love to be of service to others.

Pregnancy can be a period where great self-discovery and development may occur. I believe that birth is the greatest ceremony one may sit in life.

During the birth process, the mother will transform herself into a new version of herself. The realisation that you are bringing life into the world can be quite revelatory and will change you no matter what.

To be pregnant and giving life can bring you closer to heavenly and earthly powers that work through you, and you notice the wonder of life intensely and more presently. I gladly support all women and their partners in this wonderful journey.

How can I be of service?

Being totally present and emotional support from the start of the birth, as a witness, as constant support, as a guide, someone you can count to be there until 2 hours after the baby is born.

Walking through the birth process with you, so you and your partner know what to expect, how the birthing body reacts during the different birthing phases and what you may do to help the process further.

Teaching you and your birthpartner some relaxation techniques, so you are confident, calm and relaxed during birth.

With trust and confidence, we talk about the different expectations and wishes you might have about the experience.

Going through each phase and the options you have, I assist you in writing your birth preference document. I also make sure I know to emotionally support you before, during and after the birth, according to your wishes.

Giving practical support like setting some tea, taking pictures, giving a hand with whatever is necessary.

You receive a written account of the birth, something you to look back and even share with your child later in life.

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