What brought me to do all these things?

When I was very little, I was very much afraid to be around women. ‘Women are not within reason..’ – They said. ‘Women can be different every day so you won’t know what to expect.’ Bleeding for days, emotions swinging all over the place. Be and work like a man, they are stronger and stable.

Raised in a Christian household, full of shame about my female body and sexuality. At Church, girls were raised to marry young and married women were expected to be obedient and considered to be less than their partners. Whenever my emotions would show, I was considered weak for letting that happen. ‘Can you please just stop crying now?’

What is womenhood?

Against this current, I was raised by a strong mother, grandmother and aunts. Women who wield a lot of power around them. What is to be a women really? What is womenhood? Do you have to be tough or weak? Do you have to only work with my head or follow from my heart?

My deep dive into womenhood

During my childhood and puberty, I was this big tomboy closeted inside a sexy woman’s body. Girls were jealous of me, boys wanted just one thing and so I remained afraid of my own feminine power for many years to come. Living for a long time afraid to really get to know my body and my feminine power, I decided to dive into what it meant to be a woman.

The birth of my child

The birth of my child was singular to this transformation. Weeks before that, I was blessed by some women of my community and his birth was my initiation rite into womanhood. During his birth, I saw my own birth play before my eyes and the birth of all the woman in my family before that. I was in direct contact with the Goddess and all my lineage. I was brought into this world due to the many women before me, who paved the way for me to embrace this sacred work. I have been gradually coming into terms with what means to be a woman.

A teacher and a student

During this process, I have taught and guided many women. However, a good teacher never stops being a student. Humbly and gracefully for each woman that crosses my path and all the teachings of our great Mother Earth – where we all come from.

Never stop learning


Pregnancy Massage – Wellness Academy – Completed in October 2023
Psychiatry for Birthworkers – Specialization – InBloei – Completed in September 2023
Postpartum Belly Binding – Gentle Beginnings – Completed in June 2023
Breastfeeding – Specialization – Teddy Roorda – Completed in June 2023
Trauma Informed Care for Birthworkers – Specialization – InBloei – Completed in March 2023
Rebozo Massage – Completed in June 2022
Doula Course – InBloei – Completed in March 2022


Breath- & Voicework Facilitator – follow-up course – Adem & Stem – to be completed in January 2024
Bodywork with Cloths – workshop with Juli Pohan – Completed in Mei 2023
Breath & Trauma – deepening course – Adem & Stem – Completed in Feb 2023
Breathwork Facilitator – basic course – Adem & Stem – Completed in September 2022


Holistisch Gynaecologie – Thais Memo – Completed in May 2022
Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training – Yoga Vidya Rotterdam – 500 hrs – Completed in Jan 2020
Whole Foods Chef – Gimsel Academy – 1 year course in 2013 – 2014

These are my specialties

Doula Nash after the birth of a baby

Support during pregnancy and birth

A well-planned support team is one of the essential tools for you to use to have the most satisfactory pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period.

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Tap into the incredible power of breath

How you would like to sleep better? To let go of the past? To be less reactive and more present? Breathwork can help you achieve that.

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(Re)connect with your feminine body

Natural gynecology sees feminine issues and their nuances with love, that invites deep self-knowledge and connection with their bodies, which leads to autonomy, transformation and liberation.

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